Queens Don't Budget

We Command Our Money Army

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Are you a Spender?

Natural Spenders need different money management strategies than Natural Savers.

Spenders need automatic saving practices and the freedom to spend.

Our system works because it was created by a Spender, tested by Spenders, and proven to help you win with money.

Not sure if you're a Natural Spender or a Natural Saver?  Take this quiz!

There are 3 things you need to know to build a successful coaching business

1. How to coach;

2. How to Market/Sell your offer; and

3.  How to Manage your Money as a Spender.

My program is the best place for Spenders to learn to manage money.  It's the only financial program you need.

Be the Commander of Your Money Army

Are you ready to:


Pay off your debt in one year or less...

Build your savings in year 2...

Set revenue goals and reach them with ease...

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Hi I'm Franchelle

I help Life Coaches and Network Marketers manage their money so that they can reach their goals with ease. 

If you've been hiding from your credit card statements or judging yourself for past money mistakes, it's time to try a brand new approach to money management.

I'm a Spender, a Life Coach,

and a Dave Ramsey Certified Master Financial Coach with a Doctorate in Medicine.

I retired from Medicine at age 41 after paying off over $500,000 of my family's debt.

I can help you.

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Debt is a spiritual matter.  A borrower is beholden to her lender.  Without debt, you are able to act and speak without constraint.  And the money you earn comes directly to you. 


Imagine your life without debt or monthly payments.  Where would you live?  How would you travel?  What kind of work would you do? Being free gives you the confidence to imagine your life outside of the box.


Being out of debt means that you can apply your monthly payments to your savings and investments.  You will build wealth more quickly this way, giving yourself the choice to spend your time and money however you wish.


Feel the Relief

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A client writes, "I can't begin to explain how much you have helped me to gain control of my money. Paying off debt won't happen overnight. The accountability with the other ladies in the group is what keeps me going."

(Update: she's now paid off her house.)

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Paying off Debt Quickly

A client got The Budget Diary and started her debt-free journey. In 72 days, she paid off 7 medical bills, 2 credit cards, and one personal loan!

After a few short months, her family is now completely debt-free!

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Living by Core Values

After only one month in the Club, a client realized where she was overpaying in areas of her life that were not in sync with her core values. She was able to make significant changes & create a life she loves while traveling full time.

Support in Community


There are 3 things you need to know in order to build a successful coaching business:

1) How to coach;

2) How to market and sell;

3) How to manage your money.

I'm here to help you do that well, right from the start.  This is the only financial program you need.

Franchelle Caesar, MD, Master Financial Coach