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I'm Franchelle, The Financial Coach for Spenders

When women have money, we do so many great things.

When Spenders have money, we toss it around like confetti.

* with straight-up bliss *

Here's the problem: most women who identify as Spenders have so much guilt and shame connected to our spending habits that we cut ourselves off from really making a significant impact in the world.

We don't track our money...therefore we don't increase our income.

I'm here to change that.

Spenders Are Better Than Savers

The love of money is not the root of all evil.

The hoarding of money is.

We, who love money and enjoy spending it, are the beginning of all that is Good and Loving in this World.

* Real Talk *

My Mission

I'm calling in all my beautiful Spenders.  It's time for you to have more wealth and understand what to do with it.


My system shows you how to track, organize and create money in a way that feels free and expansive.

You were created for more.

Champaign Bottle and Glasses
Confident Businesswoman

Created for more than a paycheck and a credit card bill.

Divas do it debt-free.

So much of what we've been taught has been to restrict ourselves and live on less.

I wholeheartedly reject this. 

* Thank you, next. *

I believe that we are created to live big, unapologetic lives and contribute in big, unapologetic ways.

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About Fran

Dr. Franchelle Caesar is a Dave Ramsey Certified Master Financial Coach with a doctorate in Medicine. After paying off over $500,000 in debt using The Budget Diary system she created, she retired from hospital medicine to become The Financial Coach for Spenders. Her program, The Financial Coaching Club, empowers women to pay off debt and build wealth in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

Follow her on Instagram @the_budget_diary


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