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Free Email Challenge

The 5-Day Money Challenge

How to Dodge the Coupon-Clipping Budgeting Advice Every Finance Guru Dishes Out & Step into Your Abundance Mindset

During this email challenge, you will learn:

1. The first steps to setting up your financial routine.  Let go of stress and overwhelm immediately when you set up your debt snowball and start tracking your monthly expenses on a calendar.


2. The real reasons that you're not paying off debt as fast as you want to. Uncover the hidden mindset issues that keep you in self-sabotage and coming back to square one again and again.

3. How to be the Commander of Your Money Army.  Learn the three steps you need to adapt to become the woman who tells her money what to do, and not the other way around.

At the end of this email series, you will feel much more relaxed and ready to enjoy your money!