You are a highly ambitious and successful woman

You have pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, accomplishing goals and reaching your targets with pure determination.

But when it comes to money, you have "baggage".

You have money stories, family stories, worthiness stories, and shame around spending.

Much like an Olympic athlete, you'd benefit from the perspective of an expert coach and trusted system. 

You need to work with me, one on one.

Imagine having clarity in your finances;

An easy money management tool;

A process you can do forever;

Transformation in your relationship with money;

And a supportive community to celebrate with you.

This is 100% possible for you.

Here are some of the results I've helped my clients achieve

Pay off credit card debt, personal loans, mortgage, car loans, student loans.

Identify core values and begin to boldly live according to them.

Leave abusive or unsupportive relationships with confidence.

Perform well on job interviews and get hired.

Perform well on professional evaluations and get promotions.

Elevate their self-concept and present as a leader in all situations.


Organize financial documents for themselves and loved ones.


Leave their jobs to start a business.


Close their business to pursue a career.


 Achieve a higher state of calm and confidence.

Smiling Businesswoman
A Woman Writing at Home

How It Works

7 Weekly 45-minute Private Coaching Sessions;

Voxer Support between Sessions;

One Year Membership in The Financial Coaching Club, which includes:

Weekly Group Coaching for Money Mindset,

Weekly Budget Co-working for Accountability,

The Budget Diary Workbook or Spreadsheet,

24/7 Support in The Private Facebook Community,

Access to the Membership Portal for Replays and Mini-Classes

My Proven Process

I teach you how to:

  • Gather Your Gems - organize your finances and eliminate paper clutter

  • Date Your Dollars - establish a joyful routine for managing money

  • Demolish Your Debt - pay off debt fast and begin to amass wealth

  • Manage Your Mind - heal habits of thought that no longer serve you

  • Stack Your Paper - Save and Invest Wisely for maximum effectiveness

  • Be Your Own Bank - Borrow from yourself and Leverage Credit

  • Own Your "Extra" - be confident in your identity as a Spender

  • Set Your Standards - Maintain boundaries and protect your peace

  • Validate Your Values - Identify and Live according to your personal core values, without apology

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The Investment


Annual Membership for $2000 per year

What to Expect

1. Consultation

We chat for about an hour to determine if we are the right fit to work together.

2. Invoice

Congratulations on a great decision!  You will receive an invoice via email.

3. Scheduling

Once the invoice is paid you will receive the link to book your sessions.

4. Welcome to the Squad!

You will receive access to the Financial Coaching Club Membership Portal and meeting links.

What could your life look like in a year if you took action today?
Let's turn your possibility into reality.