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You are a Spender and a Giver.

You like nice things and you give generous gifts.

A Target run easily turns into a shopping spree.

When you see something that a friend would like, you buy it without hesitation.

Life for you is about freedom and living each day to the fullest.

But when it comes to managing your money, you have "baggage".

You have money stories, family stories, worthiness stories, and shame around spending.

You've had a hard time saving money in the past and you feel guilty.

You've started and stopped budgeting programs in the past.

Nothing seems to work for you and you're tired of trying.

You find yourself just giving up and burying your head in the sand.

You need to work with me, one on one.

The reason that budgeting programs haven't worked for you is that the typical financial advice is directed at Savers.

You are a Spender, and you need different rules.

"No-buy July" isn't going to work for you.

Clipping coupons isn't exciting for you.

Eating beans and rice day-in and day-out is just not going to work for you!

Spenders need freedom; not strict budgets.

That's why I created a process for you to manage your money and your mail in just an hour a week


without using a budget

Introducing Financial Coaching for Spenders

My Proven Process

  • Gather Your Gems - Organize your finances, manage the mail, and eliminate paper clutter.

  • Date Your Dollars - Establish a joyful routine for managing money in just one hour a week.

  • Demolish Your Debt - Create a plan that helps you pay off debt fast while increasing your income.

  • Manage Your Mind - Change the way you think about money and life so that you feel rich before your bank account changes.

  • Stack Your Paper - Build a financial team that helps you save and invest for maximum effectiveness.

  • Be Your Own Bank - Advanced savings strategies that allow you to borrow from yourself and leverage credit.

  • Own Your "Extra" - Meet other Spenders, feel supported, and be proud of your identity as a Spender.

  • Set Your Standards - Create and enforce personal boundaries that protect your peace of mind.

  • Validate Your Values - Figure out your personal core values, and live by them without apology.

Smiling Businesswoman
A Woman Writing at Home

How It Works


You will learn the exact steps to manage your money and your mail in an hour a week.


You will have weekly private and optional group coaching calls to explore the obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals faster.


You will be a lifetime member of The Money Squad, and enjoy the support of people who understand what its like to be a Spender.

Here are some of the results I've helped my clients achieve

Pay off credit card debt, personal loans, mortgage, car loans, and student loans.

Identify core values and begin to boldly live according to them.

Leave abusive or unsupportive relationships with confidence.

Perform well on job interviews and get hired.

Perform well on professional evaluations and get promotions.

Elevate their self-concept and present as a leader in all situations.


Organize financial documents for themselves and loved ones.


Leave their jobs to start a business.


Close their business to pursue a career.


 Achieve a higher state of calm and confidence with money.

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The Investment


$6,000 for 6 months

(Payment Plans Available)

How We Roll

  • Weekly Private Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls Every Tuesday at 12:00 pm Central 

  • Weekly Group Co-Working Calls Every Thursday at 12:00 pm Central

  • The Budget Diary Spreadsheet, personalized for you

  • Membership Portal with a growing library of highly-actionable, on-demand courses designed for Spenders

  • Private Online Community for additional coaching and support

What to Expect

1. Consultation

We chat for an hour to create your financial strategy.

2. Payment

You'll receive a payment link on the call and via email.

3. Scheduling

Once payment is received, you will get the link to book your first private coaching session.

4. Welcome to the Squad!

Onboarding emails will give you access to the Membership Portal and meeting links.

Imagine what your life could look like in a year if you took action today.
Are you ready to turn your possibility into reality?

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