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The Budget Diary

The Ultimate Planner for your Personal & Small Business Finances

There's nothing like pen & paper!  Enjoy your Money Dates using The Budget Diary workbook.
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Go paperless using your tablet, stylus, and the hyperlinked Digital Budget Diary.
Supercharge your Money Dates with the self-calculating Budget Diary Spreadsheets.
Available for Coaching Clients Only

Be the Commander of Your Money Army

You’re thinking it, so let’s just say it... Budgeting Sucks!  And if you are a Spender, it can even feel like a punishment. When it comes to money management, you’ve spent years burying your head in the sand, afraid to open bank and credit card statements.  You’ve endured countless starts and stops with budgeting systems that were meant for Natural Savers.  When these systems failed you, it reinforced the thought, “I’m not good with money.”  The truth is that Spenders need a different process than Savers, and no one has given us one.


Until Now.  The Budget Diary was created by a Natural Spender, specifically for women who are tired of feeling guilty about spending money.  The Budget Diary system removes the shame and scarcity from your finances  so that you can: 


Pay off debt quickly;

Create an Emergency Fund;

Grow your savings accounts consistently;

Set goals and achieve them without feeling deprived;

Build wealth and create the change you wish to see in the world!


After paying off over $500,000 of debt in 14 short months, Fran developed The Budget Diary, which includes four sections:


Section One: Personal Financial Overview, Debt Snowball, Savings Trackers

Section Two: Monthly Tracking and Review

Section Three: Small Business Financial Overview, Goals, and Trackers

Section Four: Small Business Tracking with Monthly and Quarterly Review


Money is a tool and spending is your superpower.  The Budget Diary helps you to develop the confidence, choices, and freedom you deserve.

Franchelle Caesar, MD is a Life Coach and Master Certified Financial Coach with a doctorate from the University of Louisville School of Medicine.  A native of northern California, she now lives in Houston, Texas, with her young twins.  Her advice has been shared in Planner Girl Magazine, A Journey to Self-Care podcast, and The Extraordinary YOU! event by Lisa Nichols.

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