• Franchelle Caesar MD

I used to work in Trump country

I know you saw what happened yesterday at the U.S. Capitol. And I know you’re processing a lot of emotions today.

My question is, where are you processing those emotions?

Are you able to be home with your family, having honest discussions about your feelings?

Or do you have to suck it up and go to work today?

During my 16-year medical career, I wasn’t in a position to honestly share my emotions.

I worked in the “deep red south”, where I had to interact with people of a fundamentally different political viewpoint every day.

Being from California, I was a minority in so many ways.

I had to smile and choose my words carefully. I had to avoid voicing my true opinion.

In some cases, I found myself educating and comforting people who were not even members of the oppressed group!

Have you ever felt this way?

All those years, I thought this was normal.

I thought that I had to put my feelings aside and be strong and unemotional.

I thought that I had to hide the unique perspective that my socioeconomic background brought to the conversation.

I thought that in order to get ahead, and not be targeted or risk losing my job, I had to fade into the background.

As though I could somehow hide my “blackness”.

Now I know that this fading away and hiding is not normal.

What is normal is to shine like a thousand white-hot suns because that is what I was created to do.

And so were you.

You are meant for more. You are meant to shine in all of your glory and in full color.

You are meant to bring all of yourself to your life’s work, unapologetically, and using all of your experiences.

On a day like today, when emotions are so raw, and division is so evident, you may be feeling like you need to hide.

You may be putting your feelings aside because you need your job; you have bills to pay, and a ton of debt.

Let me ask you this:

If you could pay off your debt, how differently would your life look on a day like today?

Would the side hustle that you love so much become your main focus?

Would you pursue opportunities that are more aligned with your passion and talents, even if the income was less?

If you are struggling today…

If you are surrounded by hostile opinions…

I want to offer you a choice. Because I can help you.

Paying off debt and understanding your finances will give you the clarity you need to exercise the choices you have and gain the freedom you deserve.

I paid off over $500k in debt and now I help professional women pay off debt and organize their finances.

After our last coaching call, the women in my Financial Coaching Program described feeling “supported”, “hopeful”, “empowered”, “courageous”, “capable” and “in control”.

Would you like to feel this way about your money?

You do not have to continue working in an environment that doesn’t support you. You have a choice.

Comment below and let me know that you are ready for a change.

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