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My 2020 Time Capsule

Whew! This is my first post of the new year and I'm already feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable.

While it definitely feels scary to speak my secret wishes aloud, I know that the first step in making those wishes come true is having the courage to claim them.

This is the first time I've created a comprehensive list of my accomplishments and losses from a year.

If there's nothing else that 2020 taught us, it's "there's a first time for everything".

So here's my list of "What I Accomplished, What I Lost, and What I'm Creating".

I encourage you to make your lists, too. It's a very objective and eye-opening way to document a year in your life.

It also shows you that the year wasn't "all bad" or "all good", but a mixture of highs and lows.

As you read over my lists, please note that I have included links to subjects that may be of interest to you. A few of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you use them to make a purchase, I get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

What I Accomplished in 2020

  1. I was promoted to Medical Director in January.

  2. I embraced the leadership role in February and truly became a coach.

  3. I managed the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in a healthcare facility.

  4. I learned how valuable a strong team is to a decision-maker.

  5. Our team kept COVID off campus and kept our residents safe.

  6. I managed a lot of stress at home and at work, became stronger and didn’t break.

  7. I stood up for myself; I spoke up for myself.

  8. I learned to discern the energy of support versus the energy of abuse.

  9. My business bought an iPad.

  10. I manifested our move to Miami for 2021.

  11. I didn’t shrink down. I let my light shine without feeling that I was taking light from someone else.

  12. I learned to take up space at important tables.

  13. I learned why my voice was necessary at important tables.

  14. I became a thought-leader.

  15. I retired from my medical career on May 15, 2020 to pursue my financial coaching practice. (I quit my job!)

  16. I downsized my family’s belongings to create a portable life, prepared for multiple moves over the next 7 years.

  17. I taught my children to give to the less fortunate.

  18. I programmed my children’s subconscious minds with positive affirmations about themselves, their abilities, and gave them the beginnings of an abundance mindset.

  19. I set boundaries with family, friends and colleagues.

  20. We moved to Edinburg and I felt safe for the first time ever.

  21. We sold our house in less than a month on the market and the buyer closed early.

  22. We made five figures in a month when neither of us was working (June).

  23. I began to value my self-care and create routines around it.

  24. I lost 20 pounds after quitting my stressful job.

  25. I started a flexibility class to regain strength and mobility in joints that were damaged by years of commuting and lack of exercise.

  26. I started eating what I wanted without fear or lack mentality.

  27. I manifested a pre-school within walking distance in our neighborhood.

  28. I began to ride my bicycle and enjoy my new freedom.

  29. I uncovered my core values: Connection to Source, Freedom, Education.

  30. I helped others discover their core values.

  31. My friend Chisomo Fajardo featured an article I wrote on Financial Self-Care on her blog.

  32. I revived the MidLife Vibe Tribe and coached live daily for four months (June-September)

  33. I collected amazing testimonials from the incredible people in my community.

  34. Brandy Williams joined my weekly mastermind with Dianne Hartshorn.

  35. I completed Lisa Johnson’s One To Many Program and built the foundations of my coaching program.

  36. I was fully-yielded to Spirit and created whatever I was inspired to.

  37. I created “Printable Merch: How to Add T-Shirts to Your Etsy Shop” which enabled several people to add a new stream of income.

  38. I created the Ultimate Online Business Planner, which is the collection of worksheets and project management containers that I use to brainstorm and organize my innumerable business ideas.

  39. I created the Ultimate Budget Diary digital and printable versions in full color.

  40. I completed the Passive Income Planner Girl course for the third time and learned to use Affinity Publisher in my business.

  41. I created the Ultimate Productivity Planner digital planner, dated and undated, which is the daily planner that I use to organize my business and life.

  42. I was interviewed on the Liberate & Lather Podcast with Angie Clay.

  43. I was interviewed on The Power of HER podcast with Duquesa Dean.

  44. My Planner Girl Coffee Mug was featured in the I Heart Planners 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

  45. I learned to trust and lean on my online friends.

  46. I made a pact with Kimberly Land that 9/2020 - 9/2021 would be the year we cannot fail if we do everything we are inspired to do without fear.

  47. I made a pact with Jessica Kidner that we would aim for millionaire status just to see how much fun we could have.

  48. I encouraged Dianne to complete her Evergreen Cemetery calendar and created a digital planner version.

  49. I fixed the broken parts of my customer journey and made it easier to help the people who need me.

  50. I created the Sacred Scripting Challenge for my community and witnessed amazing results in real time. The challenge is now available in the Customer HQ as a video program and email challenge.

  51. I learned to be strong in the face of gaslighting and passive aggression.

  52. I learned to tell my story with honesty and courage.

  53. I learned that when I tell my story with honesty and courage, other women feel connected to me and tell me the stories they’ve been afraid to tell. Even to themselves.

  54. I learned through loss that life is short and fragile. I have to push through fear to fulfill my mission and purpose while I can. Anything and anyone who tries to stop me is just a distraction.

  55. I decluttered my Etsy shop.

  56. I learned how to create a Sales Page quickly and easily.

  57. I joined We Should All Be Millionaires, The Club with Rachel Rodgers.

  58. I completed “Worthy” and fell in love with unapologetic feminine energy.

  59. I decided to focus on one main offer, my coaching membership, and put all my creativity and talent into this offer alone.

  60. I discovered Simone Seol and fell in love with her Joyful Marketing coaching model.

  61. I was featured in the Black Coaches Directory and began bi-weekly coaching with Simone.

  62. I voted in the Presidential election.

  63. I found my voice as a woman of color in America.

  64. I gave my children an amazing 5th birthday party with exactly what they wanted, a giant bounce house, friends, and pizza.

  65. I re-branded the Facebook Community from The MidLife Vibe Tribe to Everyday Manifesting.

  66. I started a podcast, Everyday Manifesting with Franchelle Caesar, to talk about Money and the Law of Attraction.

  67. I renamed and re-branded my Etsy shop from Bold World Planners to Everyday Manifesting.

  68. I launched The Everyday Manifesting Member’s Club and had seven amazing founding members.

  69. I joined a high-level business coaching mastermind, The Profit Accelerator with Emma Weatherall, and broke through income barriers and limiting beliefs.

  70. My new business began to make real money: $341 in September, $1,000 in November, and $1,600 in December.

  71. I made 100 sales on Etsy.

  72. I learned to use spreadsheets to set goals and track metrics daily, thanks to Emma’s training.

  73. I learned to love spreadsheets for tracking finances, thanks to the 5-Minute Bookkeeper by Nicole Barham.

  74. I created a Google Sheets version of the Budget Diary, “BDSheets”, as an exclusive tool for my financial coaching membership.

  75. We celebrated Christmas our way by opening gifts on December 23rd and having a 4-day weekend.

  76. We went to South Padre Island for our New Year’s trip and I slept and relaxed (as much as you can with 5-year old twins).

  77. My friend Eva Morgan mentioned me in her blog about being inspired to pursue financial freedom in 2021.

What I Lost in 2020

  1. I ended Travel Chat in January. Travel Chat was the livestream where I talked about how I use the Law of Attraction in my daily life.

  2. When my daughter got sick in February and I could not leave work immediately, I missed picking her up and she was really sick, listless, had a high fever and vomiting. I feel incredibly guilty that I wasn’t there for her.

  3. I gave up trying to manage both my hair and Grace’s and I started braid locs on 2/14/2020.

  4. My partner completed medical school but was not able to have the Match Day celebration or graduation ceremony that we were looking forward to.

  5. My partner told me that he didn’t care for me, my new business, my post-mid-life-crisis personality and I felt lonelier than ever at home.

  6. Coronavirus claimed the lives of Cousin Charlene “Dudda” Walker and Cousin Johnny “Hus” Walker.

  7. Several people died and families were unable to mourn together at funerals.

  8. My mother missed her high school reunion.

  9. Our family reunion was canceled for the first time in well over 150 years.

  10. The world lost Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash in January.

  11. The world lost “King T’Challa”, Chadwick Boseman to colon cancer.

  12. The world lost Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Civil Rights Leader Congressman John Lewis.

  13. The world lost Alex Trebek, Little Richard, Naya Rivera, Natalie Desselle-Reid, Pierre Cardin, Sean Connery, Nick Cordero, Regis Philbin, Kenny Rogers, Jerry Stiller, B. Smith, and Andre Harrell.

  14. The Black Lives Matter movement was re-ignited as the world was held captive by quarantine and forced to acknowledge the evidence of second-class citizenship of people of color.

  15. I learned that I was not good at homeschooling.

  16. I had to release some expectations about my relationship and parenting.

  17. I had to release expectations about how I would receive love and support in my home.

  18. I had to make tough decisions at work and at home.

  19. There were no holiday traditions.

What I’m Creating in 2021

(These are written from the perspective of the future. This is a practice called "scripting", in which you use cognitive dissonance to create the events that you desire.)

  1. I play everyday in my business. I focus on the feeling of joy, freedom, play and I pursue peace.

  2. We live in Miami in a home with a lot of windows and natural light. I have my own office with a beautiful backdrop to film videos.

  3. I write every day.

  4. I completed a daily devotional this year.

  5. I hired a personal chef this year to prep meals for my family.

  6. I hired a virtual assistant this year to manage my social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest).

  7. I published a Coaching Workbook this year.

  8. I published the physical version of the Ultimate Budget Diary this year.

  9. I launched the Financial Coaching Program six times in 2021 and reached 300 members.

  10. Everyday Manifesting Facebook group reached 3K members.

  11. I joined Simone Seol’s Joyful Marketing Program and was interviewed on her podcast.

  12. I was interviewed on Rachel Rodger’s podcast.

  13. I joined 2Kfor2K with Stacey Boehman and created a ROI in the first week.

  14. I continued coaching with Emma Weatherall all year.

  15. I started an NLP practitioner program.

  16. I started a Profit First Practitioner Certification Program.

  17. I started a Transformational Coaching Program with Nick Breau.

  18. I re-joined the Power Manifesting Collective.

  19. My Everyday Manifesting Podcast reached 100,000 downloads.

  20. My YouTube Channel, Fran in Real Life, reached 1K subscribers.

  21. My Etsy Shop reached 1K sales.

  22. I reached my goal weight and the best physical shape of my life.

  23. My business set up a scholarship program for school-aged children in Ghana.

  24. I celebrated 2021 business success with a retreat in the Bahamas.

  25. Our Family New Year’s trip was to Disney World.

My ultimate goal is to be an Internationally Known Financial Coach and Breakthrough Specialist. (eek, I can't believe I'm telling it to the world LOL)

Please share yours with me!

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