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Our Stress-Free 2020 Christmas Week

Hey Girl Hey!

I hope you're having a very merry non-traditional Christmas week!

It's been pretty amazing in our household. Last summer, we moved to a city about 5-6 hours drive from my family and, although we drove back for the twins' birthday and Thanksgiving, we decided not to risk it a third time.

COVID seemed to be ramping up again and I didn't want to press our luck.

As it turned out, I'm glad we stayed home because Jude woke up sick on Monday morning.

He had a cough and sneezing, nothing too serious (Thank God) but he missed all the holiday parties at school.

Because he was home with me on the day I planned to go Christmas shopping, he got to see all the gifts and even help pick out Gracie's gift!

He was very cool about it, as always.

And I got to see the result of my money mothering - I just made up that term but I'm gonna start using it!

What does my Money Mothering look like?

It's basically me, using repetition to program my twin's subconscious with all the positive money mindset and personal development that I wish I had gotten.

As I learn, I am teaching them.

And it's been amazing to hear them echo back to me what I've been telling them.

During our Christmas shopping trip, Jude repeatedly told me, "Mama, we have everything that we need. We don't need more."

I was like whaaaaaaaat..... I'm pretty sure that he's a natural saver. But he certainly made shopping easier for me. Grace wouldn't have been so kind LOL.

Here's what I really want you to know about our Christmas week.

On Monday, I spent $100 total on gifts for both kids. They already had a gift hidden at home that I ordered online that was about $100 each (fancy new toothbrushes). So the total for the Twins' Christmas gifts was about $300.

On Wednesday, the hubs called to say that he'd hit a pothole and his car (which is paid off) was making a weird noise. When he took it in, it also needed new brakes and parts. The bill came out to $1,117.

Also on Wednesday, I spent $315 in 15 minutes by buying gift cards for my nieces and nephew and all of the kids' teachers.

None of this money - not the kids gifts, the car trouble, or the gift cards - came from our monthly budget.

The gifts were bought using money from our Holiday Fund and the bill from the car trouble was paid from our Sinking Fund.

I had absolutely zero stress this holiday season.

I am, and felt like, a rich lady. And this is exactly what I teach you how to do inside the Everyday Manifesting Member's Club.

I can help you pay off debt, build your savings and never have an unexpected event make you sweat again. You can enjoy your holidays debt free and stress free.

Click the button below to learn more about the Club, or hit reply and ask me any question you want.

Tomorrow I'll tell you how the twins reacted to only getting 3 gifts.

Talk to ya later,


PS - Here's the link to join the Everyday Manifesting Member's Club at the current price.

Here is Jude on sick day #2. He called these "Robot legs". (Below) Here are the beautiful cards I found that allowed be to get all my holiday shopping done in 15 minutes LOL.

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