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The 5-Day Money Challenge

Welcome to the 5-Day Money Challenge!

I'm so excited that you're joining me and I know that you are going to have a week of breakthroughs and transformations!

Here's how the Challenge works:

  • Each day, complete the Challenge activity and comment below the video.

Unfortunately, the prizes no longer apply, but you will absolutely get the transformation that makes it worth it!

And stay tuned, because there are more live Challenges coming soon!

Challenge Day 1 Recap

How did day 1 of the 5-Day Money Challenge go?

Were you able to access your Challenge Workbook? There are tabs along the bottom that turn to the different pages of activities.

Day 1's activity to build your Debt Snowball.

If you missed the video for Day 1, you can watch it here.

Then take about 30 minutes to put yours together.

The peace and clarity you feel when you see that you have a plan is indescribable.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what Brandy said about Challenge Day 1:

"I was terrified when I created my debt snowball. But once it was on paper, I told myself: 1) We're really doing this thing and 2) It's not as bad as I thought. I'm really grateful to be on this journey!"

Tomorrow we'll talk about how it feels to have a plan (and it may not be what you think!)

Challenge Day 2

Woot Woot! It's Challenge Day Two and we are already diving into SAFETY issues...

In today's video, I walk you through the powerful practice of becoming who you want to be.

This is key to overcoming your usual self-protective habits and getting un-stuck, once and for all.

Click here to watch the video and go through the journal prompts in your Challenge Workbook.

And if you're wondering if the effort is worth it, read what Laurence and Sandi had to say at this point in the Challenge:

Laurence: "I updated my debt snowball on Friday, with what scared me the most, BUT it wasn't as scary as I thought. And it is freeing. Seeing everything written down in the same place lifted a weight from my shoulders and in my mind. Happy happy."

Sandi: " I agree. Seeing it on paper is freeing. Now I know what I'm working with."

I can't wait to hear how you feel after this exercise!

Challenge Day 3

Are you ready to go deeeeeep?

It's day 3 of the 5-day Money Challenge and today we will be tracking our transactions on a calendar.

I like to call this a "Cash Calendar".

Your Challenge Workbook includes a very simple calendar that you can use to track income and expenses.

Watch this video to learn more.

If you need to change the month that you track, simply change the numbers on the calendar - it'll still work for your current, or previous month.

If you'd like an undated calendar for tracking, click the button below to check out the Ultimate Budget Diary.

Challenge Day 4

How's the 5-day Money Challenge going for you so far?

Are you rocking it or are you having a little trouble staying focused?

Well, I have a treat for you today.

My secret weapon for getting things done is silent co-working.

You'd be surprised by what you can accomplish in as little as an hour of focused time with friends.

Watch the video for Challenge Day 4 then grab your Challenge Workbook and head over to my YouTube Channel for a co-working session with me and Coach Brandy!

Challenge Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the Money Challenge!

I am so proud of you for taking responsibility for your money!

On today's video message, I give you several ways that you can be the "Commander of Your Money Army".

Click here to watch. Then complete the journal prompts in your Challenge Workbook.

Tomorrow, we'll wrap up the Challenge with some final thoughts.

Challenge Wrap Up & Final Thoughts

WooHoo! You did it!

Maybe it wasn't perfect but you took brave steps toward your beautiful future.

What did you learn about yourself during the 5-Day Money Challenge?

What did you learn about your Money?

Were there any surprises? Did you catch any potential disasters?

Here's what our last Challenge winner, Lisa, said:

"I saved myself a late fee, paid an overdue tax bill and started the process to change the broker of my retirement money so I could be more hands-on with my money army."

Wow! 5-days of focused action can make a HUGE difference!

I hope that you had similar results. Hit reply and let me know!

Here's a special bonus video workshop going over all 5 Challenge activities - just in case you had to miss a day or two.

While you're there, subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I record my podcasts live every Thursday.

It's been lovely walking you through this Money Challenge. I can't wait to hear what you manifested!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @the_budget_diary and join in the next live challenge!

If you want to be sure you catch the next one, subscribe to The Sunday Money Messages. It's my weekly newsletter where I send you highly actionable money management and mindset tips!

Until then...Live Rich!


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