• Franchelle Caesar MD

The Spender’s Guide to the Economy

A few weeks ago, a small business owner asked me to teach a class on the economy.

She said, “Fran, you are the only one who can help us understand the recession!”

My initial thought was, “Hell yeah I am!” even though I’m not an economist or expert.

But I’m the perfect person to bring this message because I have a superpower when it comes to complicated information.

I explain complex concepts in a simple and clear way.

That’s what made me a great doctor and that’s what makes me an amazing financial coach for Spenders.

Because when it comes to the economy, there’s a lot of complicated information.

And you don’t need to take a deep dive into all of the minutiae in order to do well financially.

As a business owner, you only need to know 3 things:

  • What the economic conditions mean,

  • Why they are happening,

  • What you are going to do.

Everything else reported in the news is just drama, and doesn’t apply to you.

The economic news is created for the general public.

Successful business owners don’t make decisions based on the economic “news”.

Successful business owners are the ones creating the economic news.

Join me for a workshop that will help you prepare for next year, come what may, and be successful NO MATTER WHAT the economy is doing.

The Spender’s Guide to the Economy: How to be successful NO MATTER WHAT is coming this December.

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Share this message with other business owners who are nervous about the possibility of a 2023 recession.

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