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The Top 7 Ways I Created Belief in My Business (& Quit My Day Job)

I quit my day job very early in my entrepreneurial journey.

Women often ask me how I found the courage and the belief to take the leap into entrepreneurship.

In this article, I’m answering that question for you.

Here are the Top 7 Ways I Created Belief in my Business in order to quit my day job.

Save this post, pin it, forward it to a friend who needs it, print it out, and hang it on the wall in your office.

Your dream is not out of reach. Your dream is possible.

Belief number 1:

I realized that my current job began as someone else’s vision.

Look around. Wherever you are.

Everything around you began as a THOUGHT.

If you are in a building, there was an architect, or team of architects, who designed the structure.

That team of designers and builders was commissioned by one person who had an idea.

Look at the items on your desk.

They were all created by a person who had a THOUGHT that something like them should exist.

Your stapler. Your desk, and all its drawers. Your chair.

Every designer, inventor, and creator saw a NEED and decided to create a solution.

In every case, they had divine inspiration. They had a nudge to create something from nothing.

Their bright idea may have even come in the shower, just like yours!

The person who created your job and your possessions was just like you: a human being.

The thoughts, fears, and insecurities you have were also had by them.

The only difference between you and the person who created something important is that they had the courage to put it out there.

That’s it.

Your million-dollar idea can be a real enterprise, as large or as small as you want it to be, provided that you take the first step.

Or next step.

Give your thought the wings it deserves. Someone is waiting for the product or service you provide.

Just because it’s just a THOUGHT today, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Remember, EVERYTHING was once a THOUGHT.

Get curious today. Look at your world through a new lens.

Imagine the person who had the original thought for everything around you.

Comment below and let me know how this impacts your perspective.

Belief Number 2:

There has never been a better time for a Woman of Color to start a business.

Think about the job you currently have.

When was the company established?

You likely did some research before you started working there...do a quick Google search.

Go on, I’ll wait...

What year was the company founded?

Think about that year… what was going on in the news?

In politics?

What was the social climate?

Now try to imagine the person who had the idea for the company.

What was life like back then? Imagine their daily life and routine...

Did the Internet exist?

Was business coaching widely available?

How did people travel, make connections, secure seed money, and obtain knowledge?

I want you to really answer these questions for yourself today.

If you are really serious about changing careers, grab a journal and write your answers out.

Because here’s the truth: Your dream deserves a chance.

No matter how many obstacles you think your business faces today, there’s no argument that even as little as ten years ago, it was more difficult to turn your idea into a business.

The person who created the organization you currently work for was not smarter than you.

Listen up, Sis…

He was not better than you.

He did not have access to more information than you do. (God Bless the Internet)

He did not have better coaches, virtual assistants, or access to social media.

Your idea has so many advantages that were unheard of in the past.

Whereas knowledge was reserved for the select few of a certain breeding, it is now widely available to almost everyone.

Whereas opportunities were shared in smoke-filled rooms, they are now shared in networks of female entrepreneurs (with Cardi B playing in the background, just sayin)

So, what are you going to do? How will you take advantage of this unprecedented time in history?

Journal it all out. Then read it aloud to yourself.

Belief Number 3:

I determined when I could retire from medicine based on a number in my bank account, not a date on my calendar.

Most people set a quit date.

They decide on an arbitrary date - Independence Day, New Year’s, their birthday… and count down.

The problem is that many times they end up moving the date when the fear creeps in.

I’d like to offer another approach, especially if you are nervous about going out on your own.

The ‘quit number’ acts as a beacon light, grounding you in your decision and giving you clarity.

It can be applied to changing jobs, quitting your job to go full time in your business, or early retirement.

It can also give you peace of mind if you plan to stay in your current job but want to feel secure because there is a risk of lay-off.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Figure out how much your reasonably ideal lifestyle costs per month.

  2. Pay off your debt (except the house).

  3. Save until you have 1-3 years’ worth of lifestyle costs saved.

Sounds simple? It is.

Sound difficult? It can be.

If you are more of a Spender than a Saver, this plan may feel impossible.

I created The Budget Diary to accomplish this exact feat of courage and it worked for me.

It’s also worked for countless others and I can now offer a guarantee around it.

If you have the desire to become financially free, The Budget Diary is the best tool to accelerate the process.

In 3 months of using this system, you will have your money organized, have a debt-payoff plan, and a firm yet comfortable ‘Quit Number’.

The next steps in the process will outline what to do while you are ‘in the gap’ - the time between learning your ‘quit number’ and actually reaching it.

Because once you know your number, the real work begins.

The mindset shifts.

The belief work.

The practice runs.

The energetically loving goodbyes.

Start here. Start today. Your dream is worth it.

Belief Number 4:

Years ago I heard a story about a group of hikers climbing a mountain.

Whenever they looked toward the peak of the mountain, they trekked happily onward.

But on cloudy days, when the peak was not visible, they looked at the ground, felt discouraged and complained about not being “there yet”.

“Are we there yet?” is not just for 5-year olds and mountain climbers.

When we are unhappy in a situation - like a job that isn’t utilizing our talents or fulfilling our soul’s purpose - we get restless and negative.

We focus on the challenges right in front of us, instead of our big-picture goals.

That’s what it feels like to countdown to a quit date.

Every day, you put a bold red ‘X’ on the calendar and think about all the crap you can’t wait to leave behind.

And instead of feeling inspired and accomplished, you create a sense of hostility.

What could happen if you focus on the mountain’s peak instead?

Instead of counting down the days, what if you counted up the savings?

What would it feel like to track the money you add to your FFEF each month?

(Your Fully-Funded Emergency Fund...)

How rewarding would life be ‘in the gap’ when you are working toward a goal and celebrating yourself along the way?

The victory at the peak is sweeter when you enjoyed the climb.

What does the climb look like, exactly?

Every week, during your Money Date, ask yourself, “Okay, what’s my number and how close am I to it?”

If you are a Spender, this kind of motivation will keep you out of Michaels, buying planner supplies. Just sayin…

Also, I feel like I should note: The Budget Diary is not a budget. I know, weird name, right?

Nowhere in this system do I focus on you making a budget, sticking to a plan, or “cutting back” (Uck)

I’ll do a live demo and show you how it works. For now, I don’t want you to think you will be budgeting your way out of the corporate door. That’s not a dance we do around here.

If you want a closer look at The Budget Diary, visit the link in the bio, click on ‘planners’ and select the one you want to see.

Make your plan, then hike toward it. Keep your eyes on the peak.

Belief Number 5:

Once you decide that you are going to leave your soul-sucking job, I’d like for you to begin shifting your energy.

The first shift is to change your thought process from, “Should I leave or should I stay?” to “I am definitely leaving.”

Put a period at the end of the sentence. This takes your brain out of the decision-making mode and puts it into the planning mode.

The next shift I’d like you to make is more gradual.

For the several months that you are paying off debt and saving money, I want you to focus less on WHY you are leaving and more on WHY you are starting the next chapter.

I want you to give zero space to thoughts about how much your job is stressing you out.

I want every ounce of your energy focused on solutions to every problem.

For example,

A colleague comes into your office for the regular 3 pm gripe session.

Instead of indulging yourself in all the ways the company policies are wrong, outdated, biased, and how you’ve tried unsuccessfully to change them from the inside…

Acknowledge the fact that this is not your toy box, and when you get your own toys you will create your own rules.

Spend a little time thinking about why the company’s policies are the way they are, too. What could go wrong if the rules were different?

This shifts you from the energy of victimhood to the energy of problem-solver and thought-leader.

Here’s another example:

When something annoying or - let’s be honest - infuriating happens at work, allow it to add fuel to your WHY.

This is most powerfully done on paper.

What core values would you bring to your own company? What core values will be required of your next company? (if you’re changing within the same industry)

Will you encourage more innovation and less “this is how it’s always been done”?

Will you allow employees to work remotely/virtually, as long as the work is done well?

Will you pay people based on the project and not based on the hours clocked?

Will you be this kind of boss to yourself?

Do this and you’ll begin to step into your role of CEO.

Belief Number 6:

Before I retired from medicine, I got two promotions in the span of 2-3 months. How did I do this?

I infused my work with LOVE.

I understood one concept very clearly: ‘THERE’ IS NOT BETTER THAN ‘HERE’.

If you are stressed out in this office today, you will be stressed out in the other office tomorrow.


Because you will still be you.

Before you make any major career changes, work on yourself and the way you manage stress.

Hire a coach to get you farther, faster in this work. Click the link in my bio, go to “Coaching” and select either “1-on-1” or “Small Group”.

Not ready for coaching? Start here.

Grab a journal and list all the things you LOVE about working at your soul-sucking job.

Every day, add something to the list. Every week, read what you’ve written.

It may feel difficult to come up with things you LOVE, but I promise there are plenty.

Think back to when you first started the job. Remember the stars you had in your eyes?

Write those down.

Next, only do the things at work that bring you joy.

Yep, you heard me right. DO ONLY THE THINGS THAT BRING YOU JOY.

And if the answer to that is a resounding, “NOTHING!”, then do what you must, but do it in a JOYFUL way.

Hate writing progress notes?

Set a timer and do them in a Pomodoro session with lo-fi hip-hop instrumentals in your headphones.

Hate the incessant staff meetings?

Bring your Mildliners and takes notes in a colorful, creative fashion. Share them with others who may enjoy them too.

What about interactions with patients, families, and nurses?

Remember that everyone is struggling in some area of life. Consider what they might be going through and ask them about it. Take the focus off your pain and invite someone into a restorative conversation.

You will both feel better. And, heck, you might make a friend.

What does this look like? It’s as simple as, “How’s your day going?”

You’ll be surprised by how the floodgates open.

When you’ve decided to leave, make it your objective to fill the place with so much love and joy that it’s felt long after you are no longer there.

The result is that you also take a culture of LOVE with you to your next adventure.

Belief Number 7:

When I was working ‘in the gap’ - the time between my decision to quit and having my ‘quit number’ saved - I was very intentional with my time off.

I would schedule what I called “F.I.R.E. drills”.

F.I.R.E. is a millennial acronym for “Financial Independence, Retire Early”, and I was all about it!

A F.I.R.E drill was a day when I would pretend to be full-time in my business.

I would literally get up early, get dressed, take my toddlers to daycare, then work on my business all day.

I did this for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to evaluate my level of discipline for working at home and being self-directed.

  2. I wanted to experience all of the freak-out mind drama of being self-employed before it was actually a reality.

This may be my best-kept secret for why my belief was so strong after quitting. I got all the catastrophizing out of the way during my simulations.

Try it, and tell me how it goes.

Beyond the need to believe in yourself, is the need to believe in your product (or service).

What results do you guarantee, and under what circumstances?

What is the demand for your offer?

Do your research, but don’t drown your dream in research.

Once you find another person successfully doing what you want to do, consider it proof of ‘yes’.

Once you have a handful of clients getting results, consider it proof of ‘yes’.

Work out the kinks and be confident.

You won’t have all the answers right away, so allow yourself to feel fear and doubt while still knowing that you are fully capable of creating something great.

Over the years, I’ve heard some really brilliant ideas. Most are collecting dust in the corners of the visionary’s mind.

Decide that this won’t happen to you.

Decide that your idea deserves wings.

Decide that you are the one chosen to bring it to life.

Then commit to being the one who does the work to make it happen.


While doing my own belief work recently, I heard my coaches say that commitment is more important than belief.

I feel like deep down inside we know this but we often need to be reminded of it.

Because we typically will do one of two things:

We’ll rely so heavily on believing in ourselves and our dream that we won’t allow any space for doubt; or

We’ll think that making room for doubt means that we aren’t fully committed to our plan.

The truth is that being committed means that we can feel any emotion and still implement our plan.

We can sit with disappointment, knowing that once we accept it, we’re going to try something new again.

We can sit with fear, knowing that once we push through it, we are going to do something great.

We can sit with anger, knowing that it’s the catalyst that motivates us to the greatest change.

A common problem I see in visionaries is that you can only push yourself so far when it comes to taking the big leap.

While you may be fully committed, you need help staying on track.

You’ve bought The Budget Diary, but when it’s time to have a Money Date, there’s always something more urgent to do.

This is where coaching makes a huge difference in how you show up for yourself.

Coaching helps you examine your thoughts so that you can manage your beliefs and create different patterns in your life.

You begin to see the possibilities for your life - not in 10 years, but today. Now. This year.

But you can’t stop there. Your actions need to reinforce your plan.

When you coach 1-on-1 with me, you also get weekly co-working, where you can actually get stuff done.

And the energy from the Squad is magical.

Are you ready to take the leap?

I can help you.

Opportunities to work with me 1-on-1 are available. Click here for details.

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