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Why Financial Self-Care Matters

Hello Friend!

Thanks for meeting me here today. I want to start by giving you this handy printable workbook!

You can print it at home, have it printed at Office Max/Staples, or use it directly on your tablet. You could also use the prompts to enliven your journaling. Any way you use it, it’s fun!

Grab it here: “Financial Self-Care”[Click to download]

I know it may be tempting to just read it and move on with your life, but if you do, you might not get the transformation you deserve.

I know you are really busy today, so don’t worry, it will only take you a few minutes and you will get so much out of it.

Especially if you’ve been wanting to get control of your finances, but you’ve had no idea how to start.

You are in the right place. And despite what you’ve been telling yourself about being “behind”, you are in the right place at the right time.

Now is the time to make huge shifts in your life using small shifts in mindset and tiny bits of time each day.

You can do this.

Everything will change the moment you decide to change. And it’s never too late to take the first step.

So, download the workbook, fill in the prompts, and see what shifts for you.

Remember, your self-care, especially your financial self-care, is not selfish. It's necessary.

I Know What it’s Like

You want to change your life but you have no idea how to start.

Between the kids, the house, the job, and the bills - you are stretched thin and stressed to the max. How can you be expected to add a self-care routine when you can’t even find a minute to yourself?

I’ve been there. And I can tell you that it’s possible to make huge shifts in your life using tiny bits of time.

For that reason, I’ve put together this post and its corresponding workbook with steps that you can take toward a more relaxed life.

In the PDF you will learn these 5 steps:

1. Change your money story.

2. Look at your bank transactions weekly

3. Anticipate what’s coming next.

4. Review your budget and Intentions.

5. Stick to the shopping list.

And in this article, you will read my perspective on personal finance.

Everything will change the moment you decide to change. And it’s never too late to take the first step. I will be captain of your cheer squad LOL.

Ready? Let’s GO! (oh wait, that really did sound like a cheer captain, huh?)

Why Financial Self-Care Matters

In 2018, while still neck-deep in consumer debt, I had a strange sensation.

My shoulders were relaxed. I was calm. I felt...I don’t know...happy?

It was a pivotal moment for me. Here I was, still in well over $300k in debt yet I was feeling peace about my money for the first time in a long time. Maybe ever.

That was the moment I realized that taking control of my financial decisions was powerful.

I had a plan. I had a goal. And I was the person I could count on to make it happen.

I was no longer a victim. I was going to get out.

It was at this moment that I realized one of the most important lessons of my life:

Financial planners and investment bankers could no more make me rich than a doctor could make me healthy.

I had to practice my own prevention. I had to perform my own self-care and protect my own wellness.

The peace I experienced was the result of what I now call Financial Self-Care.

Financial Self-Care is as important as rest, fresh air, and water.

Without it, you will always have a heaviness of the unknown hanging over you. You will continue to wonder how much money is coming in, and where it’s all gone at the end of the month.

But once you commit to spending a few minutes a week reviewing your accounts and goals, you get the feelings I experienced that day: peace, joy, confidence, control…

And, most importantly, HOPE.

So, if you haven’t already joined us, you are hereby invited into my Instagram Community. We talk about this kind of stuff every day - how to make the changes in your life that really make a difference in your peace of mind.

You can do this and it’s really worth it!

What if this works?

When I got out of debt, I became a different person.

I always thought I was shy. I am not shy.

I always thought I was a team player. I am, but I’m also a leader.

I always thought I was a good employee. I’m not an employee; I’m the CEO.

When I paid off all of my debt, I felt a weight lifting from my shoulders and a fog was removed from before my eyes.

Debt is an invisible ball and chain that you drag around your life, unaware of how much it is holding you back.

When I paid off all my debt, I felt free!

From the first debt-free day, I was confident enough to speak up in meetings at work.

Being debt-free meant that I didn’t have to fear losing my job. I had minimal bills to pay and I had an emergency fund.

When I paid off my debt, I also began to enjoy hobbies again.

Without debt payments, I suddenly had extra money each month that I could save, invest, and joyfully spend on activities that I loved!

Paying off my debt was like giving myself a raise.

You may not understand the gravity of the weight that is holding you down and holding you back if you are in debt right now.

I certainly didn’t. I didn’t realize how heavy my debt was until it was gone.

I want this feeling for you. I want you to feel like you can make decisions in your life based on the best opportunity for you, not based on the one that pays the most money.

I want you to feel powerful in any room that you are in. I want you to feel like a lender and not a borrower.

I want you to understand the financial terminology the show-offs try to throw over your head. I want you to show them who’s boss. (Money-boss!)

Above all, I want you to take back control of your money story - past, present and future.

Here’s a link to an article I wrote for Planner Girl Magazine about how I got into, and out of, over $500k debt. My article starts on page 32. (If you’d rather listen to me read it, here’s the link to the video on YouTube.)

I share my story to let you know that freedom is available to you, too. Yes, YOU!

Money Flows Easily and Effortlessly...Now!

When you are trying to pay off debt, you may uncover a very disturbing habit.

You may notice that you have a really nasty attitude toward money.

Do you ever act like you don’t need money? Like even dealing with money is an annoyance?

I look back and remember thinking about money like it was a bad thing and people who had it were bad people.

Have you ever done this?

It’s really not your fault if you have. We are conditioned by the media (TV shows, the news) to consider money a burden, a fair-weather friend, fleeting, disloyal, confusing...on and on.

And let’s not even start on what we are led to believe about rich people! Have you ever watched Dynasty?! I know someone who believes that rich people really act as they do on Dynasty!

The truth is, having bad ideas about money will push wealth away from you. Even though you try to grasp at it every chance you get, your subconscious mind will keep you from it as a protective barrier.

Basically, if you really believe that having money will make you into a miserable, greedy, one-eyed geezer, your primitive brain will do everything possible to make sure you never ever become rich!

So how do you change this?

Fortunately, there is hope. The way we developed these beliefs is exactly the way we will reprogram them.

You got these beliefs by repetition. And repetition will change them.

That is how I am going to help you today. Let’s start changing your money mindset!

First, think of something you say about money or rich people all the time.

For example, “I work hard for my money” (Donna Summer was the bomb back in the day!)

Now, change it to the opposite statement: “Making money is easy for me.”

Another statement could be, “I have fun while I make money.”

Yet another statement could be, “Money flows to me effortlessly!”

If these feel like a big jump from where you are, try something more believable. A mantra won’t work if you don’t believe it.

A more believable mantra from where you are might be, “I want to believe that money flows to me easily.”

Another might be, “I’m excited to find out how making money could be effortless.”

Next, write the statement on a post-it note and put it where you can see it every day.

My favorite places are the bathroom mirror, car dashboard, and computer monitor.

Each time you see the affirmation, be sure and say it aloud.

Soon, you will notice positive and negative money-talk all around you. You will hear people speak negatively about money and you will even catch yourself saying something bad about wealth or rich people!

Whenever you do, remember that you are changing your money mindset to attract the wealth you deserve. So, say your money affirmation under your breath!

Is Cash your BFF?

Okay… I admit that I am a fully-grown woman with an imaginary friend. Awk-ward!

Actually, I created this imaginary friend out of necessity. I had such a poor relationship with money that I needed to pretend that it was friendly, supportive and not scary.

Have you ever thought about the relationship you have with money? Is it a good relationship or are you frenemies?

Do you appreciate money and meet with it often or are you often blaming money for not giving you the life you want?

When I realized how unfair I was to Money I created my “Cash BFF” - my money support team.

Now I call my bills by name: Andrew, George, Alex, Mr. Grant, Ben, Abe… and I talk about money the way I would talk about a real person...with respect.

You see, I now realize how much money supports me. And I appreciate it more.

In return, money flows to me with ease and grace.

Keep this in mind and make sure that your ‘Cash BFF’ has a seat at the table whenever you are making important decisions.

Did You See the Best Part?

Today I’ve been thinking about free PDF downloads. I love them!

It’s like shopping, only better. It’s actually the same rush, without the expense.

When we shop, our underlying intention is to have something that will make us happier.

The same goes with clicking on a link to download a freebie. We want to enter the creator’s world, find a new solution, and become just a little happier!

If you read this far, you are interested in becoming just a little happier when it comes to your finances.

So, here’s a reminder. Download the PDF, fill in the prompts, and try some of the steps.

And if you aren’t already subscribed to The Sunday Money Messages, click here to subscribe.

The Sunday Money Messages are a weekly email with actionable money management tips. Every month, the articles are rounded up into a handy PDF magazine.

So subscribe today, and snuggle up with your first issue and a hot cup of cocoa (or ice-cold margarita or sweet tea if it’s warm outside!)

Okay, Ladybug, come back and read me next week!


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